Monday, June 14, 2010

The sign arrives

In today's modern world the talk is usually about websites and blogs and traffic and clicks but important though these may be in the world of innkeeping there is still a centuries old tradition of putting out a sign to let people know who you are.
Innkeeping in North America dates back to Colonial times when homes were made available for travellers and the best way of indicating that a room was available was to hang out a sign. Well now we have one and if there are any passing travellers they now know who we are!

But most of our business will come through internet bookings and we now have listings among others at and as well as our website. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of these sites to create booking for us.
The general website traffic is increasing as people get to know who we are, telephone enquiries are increasing and we are starting to see bookings. We have a number of activities scheduled over the next few days to increase our exposure as the best way to impress people is to have them to stay.

On the last blog we talked about the renovations that had taken place to the house. When we purchased Number One Grafton Street it was operating as a three apartment building and had lost much of the feel of being a single family home. This was the entrance hall.

After researching the history of the building we came up with a room layout that took the building back to having the feel of a home. The most immediate change was to the entrance hall which had been divided by a wall to create two of the apartments. This removed the feel of a grand entrance, so the wall had to go!
The repositioned staircase then gave a beautifully welcoming appearance into the hall.