Saturday, August 21, 2010

Location, location, location

One of the most frequent comments we receive from guests is their surprise at our location. We try and explain where we are situated on our website and when we talk to guests on the phone we try and assure them that we have probably one of the best locations for a Bed and Breakfast in Charlottetown. But it is only when guests arrive that they begin to fully appreciate the benefits of staying at Number One Grafton Street.

Firstly the surrounding neighbourhood is mostly residential and has little traffic. Therefore it is quiet and relaxing, a perfect location any time of the year.

Number One Grafton Street is on the corner of Grafton Street and West Street. West Street has some very impressive and historic homes all within a few minutes of our B and B.

Secondly the Boardwalk is only one minute's walk from our front door.


This section of the boardwalk passes in front of Beaconsfield Historic House, another 'must see' location.


The boardwalk is used by walkers, joggers, runners and tourists to see the beauty of the Charlottetown harbour and to get some fresh, clean air and exercise. Alongside the vehicle road is a motor free road that is available for cyclists to follow the same route as the boardwalk.

The third benefit of staying at Number One Grafton Street is its location in regard to restaurants. Most restaurants are within 4-5 blocks of our B&B and therefore easily walkable.
And what a choice of restaurants ...... but more of that in a future blog!